3DS emulator – Emulator 3ds for pc and mac os

3DS emulator – Emulator 3ds for pc and mac os

3DS emulator is a brand new program that will allow to play 3DS console games on your pc. And another great futures is that our 3DS emulator contains a downloader that allow you to get all games for free. This 3DS emulator was created to make sure that you will never need to buy a new console, as it’s very expensive and the specs for it are not so god, as the specs of your computer. Our new 3DS emulator use the specs of the computer as his own, so if you have let’s say 1tb hdd, the 3DS emulator will have the same, wich will allow you to add unlimited games, that why over 1 million people downloaded our 3DS emulator, instead of buying a real console, why to be limited when you can play as many games you want,with e emulator for 3DS.

 3DS emulator – Emulator 3ds for pc and mac os

3DS emulator is created as an response to company who keep updating their consoles every year, and force you to buy a new one every time it is released, With this emulator you will get the update as far as the real console is released, in that way we make sure that our 3DS emulator is the grates emulator you will ever see on the market. With more that 1 million downloads!


Emulator 3ds for pc and mac os

First of all our 3DS emulator works with every operating system that you can possibly get on your computer, in that way we make sure that every user who will ever download our 3DS emulator will get it work with just few steps, one of them is that you firs need to install the latest version of NET.Framework 4 if you are running windows and make sure that you have 2gb free space on your hard drive, wich I’m sure that will never be a problem on a computer.

The second thing you need to do to make this 3DS emulator work properly is to download direct x10 or higher , in that way you will be able to play even the greatest games for 3DS, with the dirext x10 installed you will never get a crush on our 3DS emulator as we made sure that every man who will ever use our emulator will use it in the right way.

Another thing you need to do to make this 3DS emulator is to watch our video tutorial, as in our tutorial we will teach you step by step how to use our 3DS emulator. It’s not so hard but it’s better to watch our tutorial, we don’t want to get problems with our emulator.


What you need to know about our 3DS emulator!

First of all our 3DS emulator will never ask you for your personal dates like password or anything like that, it is our company policy to never ask for people dates, in that way we make sure that the users privacy is 100% secure. Another thing that you need to know is that our 3DS emulator was created in almost 2 months, a group of 10 hackers worked at it, every day to make it work, they’ve made it work even if you don’t have internet connection, you can even download games from torrents and use them in our 3DS emulator.


3DS emulator for PC. 3DS emulator for PC is the latest version of jexpirate.fr , and also something new to our site. We present our first emulator, and we think a new generation of hacks here on JeuxPirate . Probably you’ve always wanted a 3DS to play games all your buddies , but never enough money to buy it, or buy games for it . 3DS emulator for PC is now free to download, and you can use the number of machines you want . It works well with all operating systems (tested on WinXP/VISTA/7/8 , MacOS and Linux)

3DS emulator for PC coming for you updated with all libraries and error-free, and is packaged in a single ZIP file . You just have to download our size ~ 5 MB ZIP file and unzip . You will find a file inside * . EXE, run and play the game you want on 3DS emulator for PC FREE

As you know 3ds got a new update so this forced us to add some brand new futures in our emulator, and with this new futures you will have access to some new futures!

3ds emulator



  1. Ethan Stars April 21, 2014 9:23 am  Reply

    Thanks so much works great!

  2. Shane April 21, 2014 11:32 am  Reply

    Thanks so much for this emulator, now I can play any 3Ds games on pc!

  3. Richard April 21, 2014 11:33 am  Reply

    Thanks so much guys. I use this emulator for more than 1 month and works great!

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