iTunes gift card generator

iTunes gift card generator

iTunes gift card generator is a brand new generator that allow you to get unlimited codes for iTunes, this codes work 10$, 20$, and 50$ and there are thousand of this codes, in that way you will get all songs you want with just few clicks as our iTunes gift card generator is totally free!

iTunes gift card generator

How this generator works?

We added some special futures to our generator to make it undetectable, and the user experience better than ever, you won’t see the security futures but the program will have them, the program will also have full access to our database of codes, we’ve got this iTunes codes from companies who sponsor sites like CNN, and other. That why we’ve created a generator , in that way we make sure that everyone will get a working code, after the code was used, our database connects to the iTunes database to see which codes was used and delete the used codes from our generator, wich will make you very happy , if you think that you won’t spend 2h to find an working code from thousand of codes that our generator have.


free itunes gift card codes

Who is the founder of this great program?

The author of this program is a company who wanted to create a new oportunity for people who don’t have enough money to get paid songs, and a company who tries to stop the pirated downloads of songs and apps, that why they paid our team of hackers to create the ultimate generator , with theyr codes and the acces that they gaved us, we succed to create the best iTunes gift card generator that you will ever see, the codes of this generator will be totally new, every 2 months we change them with some new ones, in order to let you get as many songs you want, but there is a thing, we won’t update the codes in the program , we will udpate the program with new codes only on our website, so if you want that codes again you will need to download the program again , I’m sure that not many people will read the entire article about this at start , but afther that they will start to read it and understand that, if you want something you, need to give something, and we can’t let a guy for example to get more than 2 codes/ month, we risk to make it to easy for other people to take this codes and sell them , so that why we limited the number of times which computer can get this codes, don’t worry you can’t change your ip and get more codes, the only way is to change computer or the Ethernet, and that is more expensive than a code, so I don’t see why you would want to do that, is other ords, if you want another 2 codes, or you wait 1 month or you will need to change ip and the Lan Bord from your pc, so better wait. We will also limit the number of times/year that you can use this codes, you will be allowed to use 24 codes/year wich means if all codes are 50$ will be 1200$ that the companies will spend with every man who will use this generator, but don’t worry we have enough codes for4 years to give them at 100.000 people. So if you are one of this you will be very lucky!
What about the design of this iTunes gift card generator?

free itunes gift card

We’ve created the design after official iTunes store , in order to make the generator as easy as we can, in that way you won’t get mad when you will see 100 buttons, and all of them do something different, no , our mentality is the easyest the better, in that way we think to make the generator as easy as we can, we added just the option to select the code that you want and click on generate button, is easy as 1,2,3. Also we will make a video tutorial to make sure that you fully understand the great things that our generator can do, and also we will show you how to redeam this codes. You think that is easy but in third countries like Ukraine ,they still don’t know how to use the codes, and we get more than 100 comments asking for help every day..


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